Visit to the Neurologist

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Krystal and I have been evaluating Colton’s progress, and going through everything that we’ve done thus far to help him. One of the evaluations that we hadn’t looked into was a visit to the Neurologist. It’s been a nagging issue for us, since Colton had what were diagnosed as “febrile seizures” when he was two. We have always questioned the diagnoses, because at the time of the first episode Colton did not have a fever of any kind (which is the definition of febrile). But, the doctors were insistent that this was a classic case of the very common seizures. So, we stopped there and focused on the future.

Well, last week we finally had an evaluation done by a neurologist at the Noran Neurological Clinic in Minneapolis. The doctor had one very important question for us: “What do you expect to get out of having me evaluate your son’s brain?”

  • If we were looking for a problem to fix, he wanted to let us know that the chances were very slim.
  • But, if we were interested in simply trying to find differences in how Colton’s brain processes information, with the purpose of helping us understand his difficulties, then he suggested we proceed with testing.

We actually went to this appointment not knowing what a Neurologist could tell us, so we were happy that he was going to schedule some tests that may help us pinpoint some differences in Colton’s brain. We scheduled appointments for both an EEG and an MRI.

The EEG was performed last Friday, and I just received a call that everything is normal. Great news! One test down, and one more to go! :)

Have any of you had these tests done for your children? I’d love to hear about your experiences, especially if the results helped you gain any insight into your children’s situation.

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